About Us

Gidget and I are both transplants from the west coast. Though we occasionally miss the beach weather, we have found a home in Colorado on the prairie.

Which brings us to the need for warm canine coats, made in Colorado!

Gidget was 4 1/2 when she arrived in Colorado, and as a younger gal, excursions in the winter did not seem to make her so chilly. Now at the mature age of 9 1/2, soon to be 10, being warm in the fall, winter and spring is highly desired. "Thank you very much," says Gidget, fashion maven.

Loungewear was designed, to meet the need of warmth in today's eco-friendly homes. Gidget loves the idea of taking a nap, draped in naturally warm fabric, that doesn't synthetically squeeze her.

Any outing is always fun, so Streetwear was designed to do it in style. Being a canine fashionista, Gidget prefers pinks; though her coats are available in pastels, darker colors and prints.

Recycled wool is perfect for providing breathable warmth and 'what fun' when Gidget shakes it dry.