Welcome to Gidget's Dog Coats

Each coat is created in colorful Colorado, USA, from recycled, sustainable natural fibers, wool and silk. Wool a breathable fiber, is superior to the many current synthetic dog sweaters and coats.

Gidgetwear™ is available in two styles:  Loungewear, to meet the need for warmth in today’s eco-friendly homes and Streetwear, to do outings in stylish warmth. 

Loungewear features a wool closure, that wraps around the belly for comfort. 

Streetwear features a color coordinated recycled silk tie,  which is attached on the right side and finishes the fashion statement as the left closure.

Recycled wool is the perfect fabric to create a pocket of warm air around Gidget and other well cared for canine friends. 

All coats are water repellant; simply shake off the beaded moisture and let air dry. 

When soiled; delicate wash and cool dry.

Check out this article on why choose wool.

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